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Before the Flood: A Climate Change Documentary

Climate change as a threat

Climate change poses a high-level threat to biodiversity. The drastic shifts in climate patterns have disrupted ecosystem functioning. As a consequence, many species have lost their habitat and forced to migrate to search for new ones. In doing so, many die along the way. Biodiversity loss can cause serious alterations in the food chain which can impact not only our ecosystems and their services, but also to our human lives.

We need to understand how this is happening right now. We all need to agree that we won’t allow climate change to gravitate further without us taking action. Each one needs to participate and adopt a new way of thinking about how we conduct our everyday life. We need to be consciously making choices that support the fight to reduce, if not to stop, climate change. It’s up to all of us.

What you can learn from “Before the Flood”

This documentary film will help you gain a proper perspective on climate change and your role as an individual wherever you are in the world. An open and tinkering mind towards positive change will be most helpful. It’s our reality now, all of us. What each one can contribute is valuable either to stop the main causes or, to be prepared for the inevitable consequences. The good thing is, we can decide what it’s going to be.

For more information about how you can watch the full documentary, you can check National Geographic or their local listings here.